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Webcam Platoon Leopard S Type Dr

The first thing that strikes one is the contrast between the Leopard S Type Dr and the more ordinary S Type. These impressive vehicles were made in the EIIL and were used for military purposes. They were in fact troop carriers designed for the transport of troops from an airplane in the middle of the forest to a suitable place to set up camp. All were used by civilian as well. There were several reasons for this: the vehicles were easy to use and had extremely high mobility. The S Type Dr was made available to civilian users after the war. The more noticeable feature of the vehicle is the large front plate used for removing leaves. The giant leaf can be used in a couple of ways. The first is to deploy it as a shield for the vehicle and thus protect it from ramming by an opposing vehicle. The second is to drive over a deep ditch to get out of it. The vehicle can also be considered a modern amphibious vehicle. The Japanese did not take advantage of this concept, however. Instead, they used something like a heavy tank. It is interesting to note that the Leopard was not originally intended to be a vehicle for military use. During the planning phase, the company started the project without any idea of the vehicle's intended military use. Thus, at first, it was only used by civil users, for example, in filming. However, after noticing the vehicle's high mobility and the leaf used as a shield, the company thought about using it for military purposes. The vehicle was to be used in the anti-tank role and was armed with the locally produced M95-0-30 rocket. However, the rocket's design was a little bit problematic. It had the tank-like appearance with the M-95 rocket, and thus people were confused and were afraid of it. The rocket was too large. When used, the rocket was dragged along and thus impeded mobility. This caused some problems when fighting in urban environments, for example. For this reason, it was decided that there should be a kind of gunner who would fire the rocket at the opponent. The first attempt in this regard was an attempt to mount the 70 mm gun on the back of a vehicle with its own power source. The way it was planned was to drive the vehicle with the gun on the back in the track of an S Type Dr or the Leopard. The rocket was then fired by a special device

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